Van Wormer and VVWdance are available for master classes and residencies. Past engagements include Bill Evans Teaching Intensive, Pasadena Dance Festival, ACDA conferences, Movement and Dance Festival at Nazareth College NY, and Movement Exchange in Providence RI.


Van Wormer’s ballet class focuses on rich spirals and dynamic counter-pulls, allowing dancers to explore the balance between stability and mobility. Musicality and connectivity are emphasized throughout barre and center work, as the class moves from simple exercises to more complex phrases. Her contemporary class build from this same model, as the precision and clarity of ballet meets the gravity and flow of release modern technique in Van Wormer’s class. Through floor work designed to increase awareness of internal connectivity, and phrase work to access juxtaposition and intricate weight shifts, emphasis throughout is on movement initiation, isolation, spirals and fluidity. 



Contemporary Master Class

Pasadena Dance Festival

11 AM

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